Astrology of Taylor Swift

    With so many heavy things happening in the world right now, I wanted to lighten up a little bit. Music always does that for me. Even though I’m not an official Swiftie, I admire Taylor and her incredible success. Since the Eras Tour Movie is opening in theaters on October 13th, this is the time to get to know her astrology.

    Taylor discovered the piano as a toddler and is one of the few artists who actually writes her own songs. Okay, there are some pretty amazing musicians in this illustrious group.

    For all the music lovers, here are some other artists who also write their own music:. Ed Sheeran, Dolly Parton, Prince, Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Sia, Joni Mitchell, Beyonce, Elton John, Rita Ora, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, Meghan Trainor, Stevie Wonder, Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Lorde, John Mayer, Sam Smith and Mariah Carey.

    Taylor began her professional songwriting career at the tender age of fourteen when she signed a contract with a music label as a country singer. Her parents realized her talent and moved the family to Nashville to give her a good start. It looks like that was a great idea since she is now the highest paid performer in the world. She is a genre bender, having started with country, then moving to country pop. Next she experimented with an electronic sound and then hip-hop. Taylor has produced 23 albums. She has also directed music videos, as well as films like All Too Well in 2021.

    She has sold over 200 million records globally. Her honors are many: 12 Grammy Awards, including three Album of the Year wins, an Emmy Award, 40 American Music Awards, 29 Billboard Music Awards, 12 Country Music Association Awards, 3 Artist of the Year Awards, Artist of the Decade, Woman of the Decade and a whopping 101 Guinness World Records. Named the “Queen of Stream,” her music has been streamed over 100 billion times.

    Many call her an economic and marketing genius. Taylor really connects with her fans. She loves them, and they love her. In fact, they love her so much that they crashed Ticketmaster’s system trying to buy pre-sale tickets to her concert. She is now making announcements directly to her fans on Instagram instead of using the traditional marketing practices. And it’s working. That is how she announced her Eras Tour Movie, which surprised the entire industry. Other studios had to scramble and change the opening dates of their movies since Taylor’s concert is bound to dominate sales in the theaters.

    It was marketing genius to film her concert and turn it into a movie. “The star and her father directly negotiated with the theatre chains, bypassing traditional distribution through the studio system. As a result, she is in line to receive a staggering 57% of the film’s gross. Considering that the upcoming concert film registered $37 million in presale tickets in 24 hours, with outperforms Star Wars: The Force Awakens in presales, Swift appears to be unstoppable as an artist and business mogul. She also may have revived a waning, but vital, genre of film, the concert movie.” I love music and love going to movies, so I would definitely be a patron. Good one, Taylor.

    Her show will air following the unprecedented sales of Barbie, which is a movie about female empowerment. That should be a good lead-in movie for Eras. Taylor is a strong advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, personal rights and women’s rights and identifies herself as a pro-choice feminist.

    Now let’s take a look at her chart. Taylor was born on December 13, 1989, at 8:36 am in Wyomissing, PA. Her Sun is in dynamic Sagittarius. Her Moon is in community-oriented Cancer with an industrious Capricorn rising. She’s what I call a token Sag because only her Sun is in that sign, but she has four strong planets in Capricorn. She is far more Cap than Sag. 

    Taylor has a powerful chart. What stands out? The Capricorn party of planets in her first house! They are in a huge red line opposition to the Moon and Jupiter in Cancer on the right side of her chart in the 6th house. She only has one blue line in her whole chart, but it’s a goodie.

    Let’s start with her Sun, Moon and Rising sign. Taylor’s Sun is in adventurous Sagittarius, which is the sign of travel. She lives for her world tours and has several different homes, with the main one in Nashville. She could call herself a citizen of the world. She has a Capricorn rising with four other planets there too. Capricorn is the workaholic of the Zodiac, and they thrive on a busy, accomplished life. She is totally in charge of her music and all the details of her business. All the themes, images and ideas come from her. She is the manager and the boss.

    Let’s start by getting to know her red lines, or the challenges in her chart. She has a red line configuration that dominates her chart. Her planets on the left in Capricorn begin at the top with the conjunction of Uranus and Mercury. Uranus is the genius of the Zodiac, and Mercury is the mind. So, she is spontaneous and brilliant, and the Capricorn will make sure her ideas are realized. Below those two planets are Neptune and Saturn, also in Cap. Neptune represents creativity, and Saturn is the business mind, giving her a new vision of commerce. Oh yes, Venus in Aquarius is also there for a spark of independence and imagination.

    Now let’s look at that juicy Moon and Jupiter in Cancer on the right side of her chart. Taylor has a sweet Moon in Cancer, which is the sign of family and community. More than any artist today, Taylor Swift has the best connection with her fans. She was the first singer to invite her fans to see her secret recording sessions. They of course went viral. Jupiter brings an international flair. Jupiter also explains the sheer numbers of devoted fans that she has. She is very generous and will do things like show up for a wedding of one of her fans and even sing at the wedding. She will visit a sick child, who is a fan and is in the hospital. Taylor is very philanthropic; a trait Jupiter demonstrates extremely well. The Eras Tour was so successful that she gifted her crew fifty million dollars after the tour to thank them. Who does that? Taylor Swift does.

    She is well known for writing about ex-relationships and expressing her emotions easily and clearly through her lyrics. Jupiter and the Moon in Cancer would be an expert at expressing emotions. She has also received harsh criticism as a result of her strong opinions.

    Taylor’s other red lines go from Pluto in her 11th house to the Moon’s Nodes in the houses of money. The 11th house is the house of friends, groups, associations and humanity. For an author or artist, it represents the audience and fans. Mars is also there acting as an advocate for society. The Nodes give clues to our past lives, and it is obvious that Taylor was a performer and activist in previous lives.

    I find it interesting that Pluto is squaring the Nodes right now in the sky and that I have been writing about this powerful aspect recently. It happens when society is ready for a change of consciousness. Taylor was born with that in her birth chart. One of her challenges is to help bring humanity into a new phase, despite opposition.

    In summary of her red lines: Taylor’s life challenge is to bring her creative ideas to the world to help change the attitude of millions of people, even if it attracts disagreement.

    Now let’s look at Taylor’s one blue line. Yes, she has many more red lines than blue, but if you only have one blue line, it’s a good one to have. She has her enthusiastic Sun in Sag trine to her South Node in the entertaining sign of Leo in her house of other peoples’ money. She just intuitively knows how to make money with her music. This is the economic and marketing genius in her. It also shows that she has been a musician in previous lives and is an absolute success this lifetime. The 8th house is also the house of philanthropy.

    In summary of her blue lines: Taylor’s major lifetime talent is to be successful in her music while helping the world.

    To summarize her chart: Taylor’s destiny is to speak her mind, despite controversy, and to be so successful that she can influence the world in a positive way.

    Even though I have never been to a Taylor Swift concert, I am very much looking forward to experiencing it through her Eras Tour Movie, which will be in the theaters on October 13th.

    Here is a little Taylor Swift for you all. This is one of my favorites.

    “Shake It Off”



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