Is this the Beginning of the Aquarian Age?

    The entire world is experiencing a dramatic shift that it has never happened before. Yes, this can be seen in the Capricorn Party I’ve been writing about, The Capricorn Party Gone Crazy, however, since it’s such an unprecedented global event, it might be part of an even larger cycle. So, let’s look at the big picture.

    One of the largest cycles in Astrology is the change of an Astrological Age, which happens approximately every 2,150 years. The Age of Pisces started around the birth of Christ and is now ending and will change into the Age of Aquarius. What causes the change of the Ages? The mechanism is called the Precession of the Equinoxes and this is how it works.

    The Earth isn’t a perfect sphere and has a bulge around the Equator. That bulge, plus the gravitational pull of the Moon, both give the Earth a wobble. If you visualize a spinning top, the very peak will do a circular rotation as the top spins. The same thing happens to the Earth. One rotation is called a Great Year and will take approximately 25,800 years to move through all 12 signs.

    As that occurs, the Spring Equinox will move backward through the signs of the Zodiac and will take about 2,150 years to go through one sign. Because it goes backward, it’s called the Precession of the Equinoxes. If it went forward, it would be called the Procession of the Equinoxes. I thought it would be informative to look at some previous Ages to discover more about this current transition from Pisces into Aquarius.

    The Age of Cancer  (8,600 BC – 6,450 BC)

    “The Age of the Great Mother”. The Sign of Cancer is associated with the Moon and the act of childbearing, nurturing and protecting the family. This Age marked the beginning of civilization, domestication of animals and many nomadic tribes settling into permanent residences. Spiritually, this was a matriarchal era which included worshipping the Mother Goddess.


    The Age of Gemini  (6,450 BC – 4,300 BC)

    “The Age of Communication and Trade”. The sign of Gemini is associated with language, thinking, learning and travel. This Age marked the beginning of craft industries, movement, trade and commerce.  They traded new crafts as well as new ideas. This is when plain pottery advanced into decorative ceramics with abstract symbols. The Proto-Indo-European language was developed around 5,000 BC and is the basis of most modern languages. Spiritually, this was the era of  multiple gods as in the Greek pantheon of gods and goddesses, like Zeus and Aphrodite.


    The Age of Taurus  (4,300 – 2,150 BC)

    “The Age of the Earth, Agriculture and the Bull”. The sign of Taurus is associated with finances, comforts, refinements and monuments. Money and banking were invented around during this time. This is approximately the time of the building of the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Rulers were buried in megalithic tombs with all their gold and treasures to be enjoyed in the ,life after death. Spiritually, bull-worshipping cults began in Assyria, Egypt and Crete during this era.











    The Age of Aries  (2,150 BC – 1 AD)

    “The Age of War, Fire and the Ram”. The sign of Aries is associated with action, courage, conquering, often with aggression. This is when iron ore was smelted into swords and when the relative peacefulness of the Taurus Age was taken over by an age of war. Iron replaced the soft and dull swords made of bronze during the Age of Taurus. Hero myths where a single warrior wins his way to glory was the dominant belief. Masculine gods fought the established feminine goddesses and be all appearances won, that marked the change from matriarchy to patriarchy. This is when the first military empires began that lead to rampant invading and conquering, which grew into the world empire of Alexander the Great, opening the door to the Roman Empire. Spiritually, there was a drive to replace the polytheistic belief of multiple gods with the monotheistic dogma of one supreme being.





    The Age of Pisces  (1 AD – 2,150 AD)

    The Age of religion, spirituality, and illusion. The sign of Pisces is associated with transcendence, prophesies, dreams, addictions and fear. This has been the age of major world religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and many more. Enlightenment became the focus, to attain heaven while fighting Satan. The hero-warrior morphed into the saint, prophet, sage and guru. The Christians claimed Jesus as their ultimate prophet and Moslems saw Muhammed as theirs. The core of these religions, especially Christianity, is prophecy and predicting the ending times, which is somehow very fitting for Pisces being the last sign of the Zodiac. It is said that there will be a spiritual battle between good and evil or between God and Satan that will herald the golden age of Aquarius.

    That was an fascinating jaunt through the Astrological Ages that now leads us into the Aquarian Age. There is a lot of controversy as to when the Aquarian Age actually starts. Since the constellations don’t have exact borders, there is much speculation amongst astrologers as to the beginning. Some say that the Aquarian Age started in 1945 with the atomic age. Others feel the 1960s were the beginning with peace, love, unity and the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius as in the musical Hair. I used the dates calculated by Neil Mann for this article, who puts the ingress year at 2,150. Regardless of the exact date, we are experiencing the ending of Pisces and the beginning of Aquarius in the world now. It’s like we’re all in the birth canal and feeling the squeeze equally., which is not fun. With our journey through the Ages, we know how different one Age is from the next, and the Aquarian Age will be no different. Bye Pisces --- Hi Aquarius!

    What is Aquarius all about? It is the sign of new inventions, technology, independence, equality, the environment and a collective-consciousness. In addition, the sign of Aquarius has a definite independent and aloof quality, which sure can be seen in this era of social distancing. The Aquarian Age is when people will think for themselves and refuse to be held down by authority figures. The planet associated with Aquarius is Uranus, the Rebel, who demands nothing less than a paradigm shift. Therefore, the qualities of independence, freedom, innovation and personal creativity are at the core of this Age.

    Since the world has been on lockdown with the Covid-19 virus, what has been happening? Yes, everyone is stuck inside their home, but what are they doing? Anything Aquarian? Well, thank goodness for the internet, because that has been our common ground. The new phrase is “We’re all in this together” is everywhere now. Entertainment is being streamed into people’s homes instead of everyone going to concerts. Many are working remotely from their laptops at home instead of driving to work on a computer in a huge, corporate building. An incredible number of people are deciding to become entrepreneurs instead of working for someone else. Inventions are being discovered, many out of necessity, that will soon become mainstream. Old habits are being broken and many will never return. As a result of everyone staying inside and not traveling, the Earth has done an incredible job of healing herself in a very short time. The skies and the water are much cleaner and there is an eerie calm in the world. In an odd way, the world is much smaller and more connected than it was a couple of months ago.

    All this is quintessential Aquarius.

    The big question is, if this is the beginning of the Aquarian Age, what change will happen as a result of this global lockdown? We are all being given an amazing opportunity to make changes in our personal lives, which will lead to the world becoming a new and hopefully improved home for us all. That will of course depend on each of us. How are you going to use this rare chance to be reborn?

    We all chose to be here right now to witness this most extraordinary birth of a new age -- the Aquarian Age. What it looks like will depend on each of us.

    No pressure – it’s just the birth of a new world for us all.


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