Once in a Very Blue Moon

    So what is a Blue Moon? When there are two Full Moons in one month, the second one is called a Blue Moon. As the lyrics read from that classic song, “Just once in a very blue moon, and I feel one comin’ on soon”. Yes, one is comin’ soon . . .  on January 31st.

    Remember that 2018 started with a Super Moon on January 1st. A Super Moon is when the Full Moon is closer to the Earth and appears a bit larger. It is actually 14% larger than the smallest Moon, which is quite significant and noticeable with the naked eye.  But there’s more!

    Not only is this a Super Moon and a Blue Moon – it’s also an Eclipse. So I would call its official title a Super Blue Moon Eclipse! That doesn’t happen too often. This Eclipse falls in the sign of Leo, which will make it important for that fire sign.  An Eclipse is the best time to release old patterns in your life and we will all feel it, even if we’re not Leo.

    The year of 2018 is an unusual year relating to Blue Moons. January will have two Full Moons with the last one being the Eclipsed Blue Moon. February doesn’t have even one Full Moon, but March will have two Full Moons with the last one being the second Blue Moon of the year. But it won’t be an Eclipse, like in the Blue Moon in January. Most years will only have one Blue Moon in a year. There are 12 months and 13 Lunations, creating one Blue Moon per year. But since 2018 started with a Full Moon, it snuck in an extra Blue Moon.

    What does this all mean astrologically? It is a gift to us to have 2 Blue Moons in one year. Anything rare is a gift. Early in 2018 will be the time for us all to see our lives in a totally new way. What are we waiting for? Now is the time for change. This can be a release of outer possessions or obvious life situations and routines that need to be changed. It can also be letting go of inner patterns, including outdated emotions and beliefs. Let’s all take this challenge to help us become our most optimum selves so we contribute our gifts more fully to the world. If we all do that, the world will be even a better home for us all.

    Happy Blue Moons!


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