Party of Planets for Months

    Now that the bizarre April 8th Solar Eclipse is over, we’re done with extraordinary astrology, right? Not really. The planets are in a remarkably close grouping for a few months and won’t turn into a semi-normal chart until after July 4th. This phase is a turning point in each of our lives, as well as for humanity as a whole. It is so important that I needed to write about it. I’ll be looking at the charts at monthly intervals. 

    Let’s start with the April 8th Solar Eclipse chart, which I admit is the most unusual chart I’ve ever seen. The Eclipse part is obvious, but the configuration of the entire solar system is what makes this chart so strange. I’m using a zero Aries for all these charts to make it easier to see. Except for Pluto, all the planets are clustered in just a bit more than two houses. They are only in the three signs of Pisces, Aries and Taurus. Aries dominates this Eclipse chart.

    The positive side of Aries is to move forward suddenly and with conviction and intent. We will all feel restless and will want to start new projects. The challenge side of Aries is impatient, anxious and possibly angry. Everyone will need to count to ten before reacting. Try to stay calm with all this dynamic and sudden energy.

    Pisces will either add a sense of peace and wisdom or confusion. Maybe a bit of both. 

    Even though Taurus is usually a stabilizing factor in most astrology equations, we can’t count on that security now. Why? Because volatile Uranus and expansive Jupiter are in Taurus now. I’ve named this conjunction “We the People.” It is showing up now with the strikes, unionizations and demonstrations occurring all over the world. People want to make their own decisions about their lives and their bodies rather than having the government or others telling them what to do.

    Of course, maybe the most important event this year is Pluto entering Aquarius. Pluto is at almost 2 degrees Aquarius in the April 8th Eclipse chart, so this phase has already begun. The Aquarian Age is upon us, folks.

    Astrology is the study of timing, so let’s travel through the next few months to see what the charts will look like. Here is the chart for May 8th. The Eclipse is over, but the planets sure haven’t moved very far. The Moon goes around the chart once a month, but the rest of the planets move much more slowly. What makes this grouping of planets so important is that it is composed of the slow-moving planets, not just the fast planets. The only aspect in this May 8th chart is a trine from Pluto to Jupiter. This incredibly positive aspect is just starting and will be active until July 2024. Jupiter will give Pluto a boost and will greatly help his transition into Aquarius. 

    Moving on to the chart of June 8th, we will see all the fast-moving planets will move into Gemini. Even though there are more aspects between the planets, they still haven’t separated very much. Except for Pluto, all the planets in the solar system will only be in three houses. With so many planets in Gemini, people will be vocal about their beliefs and opinions. New decisions will be made at that time. Expand your horizons by taking a new class or getting lost in an interesting book.

    Now let’s top things off by looking at the last chart of July 8th. Finally, we can see some more normal aspects with red and blue lines. The sign of Cancer starts with the Summer Solstice and always begins the season of summer. Not only can we take holidays, but we can also have a holiday from bizarre astrology. Rest assured -- the planets will never align like that again. 

    How can we use this unusual astrology to better our lives? See this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change your entire lifestyle. Release whatever no longer makes you happy. This might not be easy as these patterns are probably deeply entrenched. Some of them need to go, and you know it. Why wait? With the entire world going through upheaval, this is the absolute perfect time to upgrade your life. Be ruthless with purging everything that is stagnant and resistant. The more we all release, the easier it will be to start new and fresh. It’s like we will all have a blank canvas on which to paint a mural of our new lives.


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