Preview of 2022

    While I was just sitting on my patio collecting my thoughts for this article, I had an amazing experience. A beautiful and very bright red cardinal flew very close to me and landed on a tree right in front of me. While he sat there, we communicated. I’ve lived in the desert my entire life and have very rarely seen a cardinal. I took this as a sign of something new coming into the world. To me, he represented hope and positivity, that 2022 needs.

    We all need to be looking for good signs. Fortunately, planets are in constant motion and synchronize with new beginnings. The Capricorn party is over. Even though Pluto is still in the last few degrees of Capricorn, both Saturn and Jupiter have moved into Aquarius. This is just a preview of what is to come when Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023 and will remain there all the way until 2044! So, we are definitely in a transition time as we gradually lean towards Aquarian ideals. The job of Aquarius is to bring a time of grassroots, community and connectedness to the world and yes, revolution. The internet is a tool of the Aquarian revolution. How will we see this revolution in the coming year?

    Planetary Alignments

    The main planetary configuration of 2021 was the authoritarian Saturn square in conflict with the rebel Uranus. Saturn did a retrograde and squared Uranus three times. The first direct was February 17th, the second was a retrograde on June 14th and the last direct was on December 24th. The job of Saturn is to maintain the status quo while Uranus is here to confront the status quo and bring in the future. They don’t understand each other. We can see the division in the world. Even though the Ephemeris says this square is over, I disagree. In October 2022, they square at the same degree, even though they are minutes off. I consider that close enough. So, this phase of letting go of the old and creating the new is still with us. The ideal is for Saturn to set up a structure that is flexible enough for Uranus to agree with. Steady movement forward is their best chance. Can these planets collaborate and get along? Can we get along?

    Jupiter conjunct Neptune on April 12 at 23 Pisces

    The year of 2021 ended with Jupiter leaving Aquarius and entering Pisces on December 30th. Jupiter will remain in Pisces until December 21st, 2022. This is a good balance to the recent square between strict Saturn to unconventional Uranus. Jupiter in Pisces will hopefully bring a calm feeling to humanity. Jupiter is benevolent and generous and Pisces is the healer. Jupiter has a 12-year orbit, so he only transits Pisces once in 12 years. The year of 2022 is that year. The coming year is a perfect time to focus on the positive Pisces interests . Health and healing, art, music, spirituality and compassion are all Pisces traits. Take that yoga class you have been thinking about. Buy a diffuser and learn about essential oils. Incorporate new art, candles and even an altar to spruce up your surroundings and make you feel calmer.

    Most years have one main planetary alignment and this year is it Jupiter joining Neptune on April 12th at 23 degrees Pisces. Now that Jupiter has entered Pisces, he will move forward and conjunct Neptune. Neptune is associated with the sign of Pisces, making this placement stronger. Neptune will be in Pisces from April 2011 until January 2026. It isn’t surprising that the world is experiencing a pandemic with Neptune in Pisces.

    The planet Jupiter is about expansion, joy, generosity and optimism. Jupiter will shine a light on Neptune’s shadows to expose hidden truths. This conjunction will most likely bring confusion. The best use this transit is to focus on the healing and the joy instead of fear.

    For half of 2022 Jupiter will be in Aries. He retrogrades. That strong Aries time, from May through October, will definitely stir things up. This might be a time of activism for people to speak up personally. Jupiter in Aries is all about bravery, courage and the truth.

    Saturn Squares Uranus on the Lunar Eclipse of November 8 Midterm Election

    As I was looking at the Eclipses for 2022, I realized that there is a very rough Eclipse and chart for the midterm election. Not only is that date a Lunar Eclipse, but it is also the last pass of Saturn square Uranus. Remember,  Saturn is the rule maker and Uranus is the rule breaker. We are experiencing this in the world protests, lockdown and mandates. Saturn and Uranus will be in conflict with each other still leading up to the election. We will see demonstrations and protests again during the fall of 2022. The revolution continues and could escalate.


    Venus conjuncts Mars from February 16 through March 6

    The year of 2022 will start with Venus retrograde. She retrogrades on December 20th and will turn direct on January 28th, 2022. Venus is retrograde the entire time she is in Capricorn. Venus retrogrades approximately every 1 ½ years, so it doesn’t happen often. Venus in retrograde is one of the best times to change things up in your home to make them more beautiful. Relationships are in review also. This will be a highly unusual Venus retrograde since she will conjunct Mars twice right after her retrograde. These two conjunctions should be very different because the first conjunction occurs in Capricorn and the second one is at zero degrees Aquarius. Capricorn would be more about completions and Aquarius is about beginnings. Observe what is happening in your life during this time. This is real astrology and we can all be good observers.

    The Moon’s Nodes are changing signs

    The Nodes are intersecting points between the orbit of the Sun and the Moon. They are points in space that form a plane in space. Physically, when the Sun and the Moon join the Nodes, there is an Eclipse. Metaphysically, the Nodes relate to a collective consciousness pattern for everyone. It is a phase all of us go through together. The orbit of the Nodes is 18.6 years. They are in signs for about 1 ½ years and always move in retrograde motion. The North Node relates to destiny and bringing in the future. The South Node is all about releasing the past and what is no longer necessary.

    On June 4th, 2020, the North Node entered Gemini with the South Node entering Sagittarius. I named this phase “Education on Demand.” Zoom became everyone’s best friend and it looks like hybrid learning is here to stay. There was a boom of free webinars offered that opened up arenas for learning. Online communities blossomed no matter what your age.

    The Moon’s Nodes will enter into Taurus and Scorpio on December 23, 2021, and will remain there until July 11, 2023. The North Node is in Taurus with the South Node being in Scorpio. If Gemini and Sag are in the domain of education, Taurus and Scorpio own the domain of money and finance. Taurus is about personal income while Scorpio rules other people’s money, like banks, corporations and investments. Lockdowns have been common these last two years. Employees have been devastated and employers have benefited. Businesses that have not benefitted have probably failed. Corporations and the wealthy have prospered while the gap between the have and the have nots has expanded. Because of these conditions, many people have become entrepreneurs becoming their own employers. This Moon Node phase in the money signs will definitely put a focus on the economy. North Node in Taurus is individuals owning their financial direction. Very Aquarian. South Node in Scorpio will uncover financial secrets that have been hidden. Scandals likely.

    Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger

    The Chinese New Year starts on Feb 1st and will be the year of the Water Tiger. Chinese astrology uses twelve animals and five elements. Western astrology has the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water, while Chinese astrology uses the five elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. Also in Chinese Astrology, the animal changes each year but the same element lasts for two years. Last year was the Metal Ox, and this year the element will change to water. That’s a good thing since it will hopefully mellow out the aggressive Tiger.

    Hold on to your hats folks because the Tiger brings an intense year. His personality is bold, extreme, hot-headed, fearless, passionate, daring, restless and also reckless. Nothing small with the Tiger . . . everything is big. Logic doesn’t appeal to him as he runs on pure emotions. Trust doesn’t come easily to him as he is suspicious and also revengeful. The Tiger assumes he can get what he wants. He likes to lash out at society and challenge long-held traditions. The positive side of the Tiger is charismatic, affectionate, generous, dynamic with a vigor for living life to the fullest. He is a true optimist and luckily is quite humanitarian.

    Now let’s add the element of water to this unpredictable animal. The Water Tiger is more open-minded and has a calmer nature. He is more humane and relates to the emotions of others. This type of Tiger is a good communicator and excellent at PR. He is less temperamental than the other Tigers and has a better chance at controlling his emotions.

    I was talking to a friend of mine who is shamanic and he had an interesting take on the Water Tiger. Even though cats can swim, they aren’t very comfortable in water. Think of giving your home cat a bath. Not an easy thing to do. So, there might be an awkwardness about the Water Tiger with a feeling of being out of his element or comfort zone.

    One important thing to remember here is that the Chinese New Year isn’t just happening to us. We can harness this energy too. All of us will feel more enthusiastic, driven and ready to accomplish what stirs our hearts. Passion is a good thing, depending on how it’s used.


    Mercury Retrograde

    Retrogrades have a bad reputation, but they are also useful and are good times to review and process. This is the best time to change old habits and release whatever is not longer needed. It is a time to refocus and reboot. Retrogrades = Release. Mercury retrogrades relate to communication, travel and educational projects. Venus retrogrades help us analyze our love lives and relationship patterns. Mars retrogrades point out our actions and can bring clarity about we direct our energy. Each of these planets will be doing a retrograde this year, which means that we will have an unusual year ahead.

    Mercury turns retrograde three times a year for three weeks each time. This year is interesting in that all the Mercury retrogrades start in Air signs and end in the previous Earth sign.

    • Jan 14th  – Feb 4th. This retrograde starts in Aquarius and ends in Capricorn. Mercury is conjunct serious Saturn at the beginning and ends with a conjunction to Pluto. Plan to change things from the bottom up. Be thorough.
    • May 10th  – June 3rd. This retrograde starts in Gemini and ends in Taurus. Mercury ends this retrograde conjunct the North Node in Taurus, so it would be good to focus on your occupation or finances.
    • Sept 10th  – Oct 2nd. This retrograde starts in Libra and ends in Virgo. Mercury opposes Jupiter and Neptune this entire retrograde. Add healthy solutions to your lifestyle now.


    Venus Retrograde

    This year will begin with Venus already in retrograde motion which started on December 20th. Venus only retrogrades approximately every 1 ½ years and lasts for six weeks each time. Since Venus is associated with love, often relationships are up for being reexamined and adjusted if necessary.

    Venus retrograde  December 20, 2021 – January 28th, 2022


    Mars Retrograde

    Venus will begin 2022 with a retrograde and Mars will end 2022 with a retrograde. Will that mean that this year is full of change? Very likely. Mars turns retrograde every two years and it lasts for about 10 weeks. This Mars retrograde will be in Gemini the entire time. The Gemini in all of us will feel this. If you want to write a book, archive old family photos or go through all your books to give some away . . . this is your time. Please plan for a big project because relaxing is not an option. Your mind will be going very fast no matter what you are doing. You might as well be productive instead of walking in circles trying to figure out what to do next. Plan early.

    • Mars Retrograde October 30, 2022 - January 12, 2023



    Eclipses occur when the Sun, Moon and Earth line up with each other. A Lunar Eclipse always happens on a Full Moon and a Solar Eclipse happens on the New Moon. The Sun and Moon both join with the Moon’s Nodes to become an Eclipse. Even though you might not be able to see the actual Eclipse, everyone can feel it. These events are days of quick release, similar to a retrograde, but stronger. An interesting note for this year: both of the Solar Eclipses are partial and both of the Lunar Eclipses are total.

    • Solar Eclipse (partial) on April 30th at 10 degrees Taurus. This will be a shocking Eclipse since the Sun and Moon are right next to volatile Uranus. Expect the unexpected on this Eclipse. Visible in Antarctica and the tip of South America.
    • Lunar Eclipse (total) on May 16th at 25 degrees Scorpio. Yes, Uranus is still involved, so expect more excitement or chaos. This one will be seen from North America, Europe to Asia.
    • Solar Eclipse (partial) on October 25th at 2 Scorpio. The Sun and Moon are joining Venus for this Eclipse. Passion and emotions will emerge and reveal themselves to everyone. Visible in Eastern Europe and western Russia.
    • Lunar Eclipse (total) on November 8th at 16 Taurus. This the strongest Eclipse of 2022. There are six planets involved with this Eclipse, all squaring Saturn. Not much partying happening on this Full Moon. Visible from North American, South America to Asia.


    Visible Planets

    If you know what planets to look for, it’s easy to see them along the Ecliptic. Remember that the Ecliptic is the path the Sun takes from sunrise, noon and sunset. The planets will always travel along the Ecliptic, just like the Sun. Venus will either be the “morning or evening star” and will never be more than 47 degrees away from the Sun. The outer planets, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, can move across the sky all night. Mercury is so tricky to find, that I haven’t included him.

    • Venus is in the morning eastern sky from January until September.
    • Venus is in the evening western sky from November through the end of the year.


    • Mars is in the morning sky from January until November.
    • Mars is in the evening sky from November until the end of the year.


    • Jupiter is in the morning sky from March until September.
    • Jupiter is in the evening sky from January through February and again from October until the end of the year.


    • Saturn is in the morning sky from February through August.
    • Saturn is in the evening sky from September through the end of the year.


    If you can find Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, you passed astronomy 101. Now, see if you can locate Mercury, who is not as easy to find, but possible. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and is either visible just before sunrise in the east or right after sunset in the west. Email me when you find Mercury. Subject line “I found Mercury.”

    Have a fabulous 2022!


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