The Astrology of Cher

    The ‘60s would not have been the same without Cher, and it seems she has figured out how to stay current, even in 2024. She was a highlight in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, as well as on Dick Clark’s New Years Eve party. Her new song, “DJ Play Me a Christmas Song,” was my favorite of the season. She was hip with a classy touch. I couldn’t help writing about her.

    Here is Cher’s new Christmas song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81ckLwAjDfU

    Cher was named the “Goddess of Pop” by the media, and she does command the stage like a Goddess. She has a deep contralto voice that is instantly recognizable. She became famous in 1965 with her husband-wife duo of Sonny and Cher. After that, she embarked upon an incredibly successful six-decade solo career. Cher has made twenty-seven studio albums, ten compilation albums, two soundtrack albums and three live albums. She writes most of her own songs. After a three-year TV show, The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, she conquered both Broadway and cinema. Cher won an Oscar for Best Actress in Moonstruck.

    Having sold over a hundred million records, Cher is one of the all-time best-selling artists. Her achievements include an Academy Award, a Grammy, an Emmy, three Golden Globes, and Cannes Film Festival and Billboard Awards. She also received awards from the Kennedy Center Honors and The Council of Fashion Designers of America. Cher is the only artist to have achieved a number-one single on a Billboard chart in seven successive decades from the 1960s to the 2020s. She is known for setting trends, sensational fashion, plastic surgeries, philanthropy and social activism, including LGBTQ rights.

    When Cher was in the fifth grade, she put on the show, Oklahoma, for her class and teacher. She produced, directed and choreographed everything. Since she couldn’t talk any boys into performing, she sang the male parts of the songs, which was a precursor to the distinctively deep voice that is her trademark. Cher is dyslexic and never related to school. All she knew was that she was going to be famous. Her mother was an actress and took Cher along with her on auditions, so she had a good start at stardom. Now let’s look at her astrology chart.

    Cher’s astrology chart is a picture of where the planets were when she was born. The planets form a geometric pattern, or mandala, in the sky. The red lines explain her focus this lifetime and the blue lines show her talents and gifts. The birth chart defines her purpose in life.

    Cher was born Cherilyn Sarkisian on May 20, 1946, at 7:25 am in El Centro, California. Her Sun is in stable Taurus with her Moon in determined Capricorn and a sensitive Cancer rising sign. Most of her planets were in the left hemisphere, which is the personal side of the chart and usually indicates a self-made person. She has two conjunctions or yellow circles, which is when planets are close together. She has a group of planets in Gemini, the author, which is why she can write her own songs. Cher also has two planets in Leo, the entertainer.

    Looking at her red lines, the main planet is Jupiter in Libra in the 4th house. This indicates early success in the arts. One of Jupiter’s red lines goes to Saturn in Cancer in the 1st house. Saturn shows that she can take responsibility and be determined, which is why she is so successful. It requires dedication to produce twenty-seven studio albums! Saturn opposes her Moon in Capricorn in the 7th house of relationships. Her career did get kicked off with Sonny and Cher, although it is very well known that Sonny was abusive in a variety of different ways and the marriage ultimately ended in divorce. In my opinion, she obviously outshone Sonny.

    Cher has exciting planets in Gemini in her 12th house of inner wisdom. Very few artists actually write their own songs, but Cher does. She has brilliant Uranus, then the North Node of destiny in the middle, and then the artistic Venus on the bottom. Uranus is the genius of the Zodiac. The North Node means she’s been a performer in past lives. Venus brings fashion and a fun sexiness to her style. Although they are in opposition to the often pesky South Node of unfinished business in the house of the body. Cher is well known for having multiple plastic surgeries. She needs to make sure she looks good for her fans. This might be an area of insecurity for her.

    Her last red line is a goodie and might be my favorite. In her 2nd house of money are Pluto and Mars, both in Leo, the sign of the entertainer. Pluto is where you have power, and Mars is relentless and bold. She has the “It Factor,” always has and always will. These planets give her an endless drive to be her best. They are square to Mercury in Taurus in her 11th house of her goals in life. Mercury is intelligence and the author of the Zodiac. Mercury shows her focus on lyrics and scripts and is enhanced by a powerful Pluto Mars conjunction. I call Mercury in Taurus the bulldog of the Zodiac. They never quit.

    In summary of her red lines: Cher’s life challenge is to be famous, even if it meant problems with relationships and her body self-image.

    Now let’s look at Cher’s blue lines or talents. She has three trines, and two are from Jupiter to her Gemini planets. Jupiter always has big ambitions, and being enhanced by her brilliant Gemini ideas, this added up to success. Jupiter is trine to the futuristic planet, Uranus. Cher has a very distinctive voice and is known for using the device called Auto-Tune, which she debuted with her song, “Believe,” in 1998. By doing that, many feel she changed the style of pop music forever. That was a perfect use for her Jupiter trine Uranus. She also has Uranus trine the North Node, which assures success in her life.

    Her last blue line is from Mercury in Taurus in her 11th house to her Moon in Capricorn in her 7th house. She writes many of her lyrics from experiences she gained in relationships.

    In summary of her blue lines: Cher’s desire for fame came true because of her hard work and perseverance.

    In summary of her chart: Cher’s challenge is to learn through relationships that with focus and determination, she can be successful on her own.




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