The Moon's Nodes Enter Aries and Libra

    Humanity is on the verge of experiencing a turning point in history. The planets tell a story through their interaction with each other and where they are currently located in the Zodiac. There are several unusual astrological alignments that are all converging soon to bring about this momentous change in our world.

    I want to compliment my readers for knowing astrology so well that I can write about these more complex configurations. My intention is to make astrology easy and therefore more accessible to everyone.

    These are the three different astrological alignments that are happening now: Pluto entering Aquarius; Venus joining Mars; and the Nodes entering Aries and Libra. I have recently written several articles on Pluto Squaring the Nodes, entering Aquarius and Venus/Mars. Here are those links if you want to refresh yourself before delving into the Nodes. This article will pull them all together.

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    The most important planet in all of this is Pluto. On November 19, 2024, Pluto will enter the revolutionary sign of Aquarius and will remain there until 2044! Yes, this is the very beginning of the Aquarian Age, folks! Pluto is the slowest planet in our solar system with an orbit of 248 years, therefore he is in a sign for quite a while. Each transit of Pluto in a new sign brings a different phase to the world.

    Pluto entered Capricorn in November 2008. The Great Recession occurred from late 2007 – 2009. Capricorn is associated with money and business. This recession was caused by cheap credit and unscrupulous lending that created a housing bubble. When the inevitable bubble burst, banks were left holding trillions of dollars in upside-down investments in subprime mortgages. People lost their businesses as well as their homes.

    The other obvious Pluto event was the 2010 Supreme Court decision to support Citizen’s United. That of course opened the doors for billions of dollars in dark money pouring into the election system. This allowed global corporations, lobbyists, and even foreign governments to funnel unlimited amounts of money into private PACS to elect their chosen politicians. Bribery is now rampant in government as well as in elections. The Supreme Court is definitely associated with Capricorn.

    Things are about to change drastically! Capricorn protects the status quo and rejects anything new. In huge contrast, Aquarius is the rebel of the Zodiac and is here to break All the rules so the future can start. After doing research on the last two times Pluto was in Aquarius, it was shocking how the world changed and in a relatively short period of time.

    I’ll briefly review these Pluto’s transit through Aquarius to see these times. Pluto was in Aquarius from 1532 – 1552, which was when Martin Luther protested the Catholic Church and England became a Protestant country. Also, Nicolaus Copernicus published a book that had the Earth orbiting the Sun, which also challenged the Catholic Church.

    The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was 1777 – 1798. The colonies of the United States wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1776 with the American Revolution between the U.S. and England lasting until 1783. In addition, the French Revolution occurred in 1789, which brought absolute monarchy, feudalism, and aristocracy to an end in France. This is all very Aquarian in the need for independence from Capricorn suppression.

    That brings us to the current transit of Pluto through Aquarius from 2024 – 2044. So, who are the monarchs and suppressors in the world now? It could be authoritarian governments, technocrats, military industrial complex and oligarchs.

    Pluto in Aquarius will bring independence of thought to everyone. Instead of listening to the hierarchy, decisions will be made by consensus. It will be a collective power and not power dictated by the elite.

    Another astrological alignment occurring now is Venus joining Mars in dynamic Leo. CHART Venus will turn retrograde on July 24th and will catch up with Mars again in February 2024. Venus is all about the feminine while Mars is of course masculine. We are in a time of gender bending. I happen to be writing this article on Stonewall Day, which is dedicated to gays. My wonderful community radio station, KXCI, is playing songs all day commemorating the LBGT+ community. My day started with Katy Perry’s song, I Kissed a Girl… who wore Cherry Chapstick….and I liked it.

    Of course, this is also when many states are trying to pass laws that outlaw Drag Shows. Those states are Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and West Virginia.

    Pluto is at the crucially important zero degree in Aquarius soon. When a slow planet enters a new sign, it is like he walks into a new room flinging open the door with a huge announcement. It is an enormously powerful degree. One of the other major alignments happening now is Pluto Square the Moon’s Nodes….all at zero degrees! This is very rare and will strengthen the already intense transit. Check out this wild chart. 

    Now let’s revisit the Moon’s Nodes. What are the Nodes of the Moon? The Nodes are two points in space that are the intersecting locations between the orbits of the Sun and the Moon. The orbit of the Nodes is 18.6 years. These two Nodes form a plane in space . . . the North Node and the South Node. Physically, when the Sun and Moon join the Nodes, there is an Eclipse. When the Sun and Moon join on a New Moon, it forms a Solar Eclipse. When it is a Full Moon, they make a Lunar Eclipse. In a personal chart, the Nodes describe our Karma and past life patterns.

    Looking at humanity, the Nodes explain the collective mood of society. Since their orbit is 18.6 years, they are therefore in a sign for approximately 1 ½ years. They have been in Taurus/Scorpio since December 2021. Those are the signs that are about money and the environment. We have been through some rough financial times as well as big hurricanes and the unprecedented wildfires.

    Pluto will square the Nodes while they are all at zero degrees, which will last all the way from March through November 2023. So, they will all be working together to bring in the change to humanity.

    Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius will usher in a turning point when people will be thinking for themselves instead of listening to authority figures. This will combine with the change of the Nodes into Aries/Libra creating a much stronger phase.

    The Moon’s Nodes change into the new signs of Aries and Libra on July 12th, 2023, and will remain there until the end of January 2025. Aries is Me and Libra is We. So, this will be a phase to redefine relationships, starting with gender assignments. I recently filled out a form where there were several choices of gender. Male, Female, Intersex, Trans, Non-Conforming, Personal and Eunuch. One of the choices was neither. Gender free and gender fluid are common terms now. Androgyny for the 21st century.

    Since Pluto is squaring the Nodes, the personal independence of Aquarius will influence the Aries/Libra axis. We are just seeing the beginning of a power phase of defining not only relationships with others, but also a relationship with ourselves. Even if we are not making decisions on gender, we will be understanding our own sexuality in updated terms. Maybe it’s time to go through our closets and create a fresh style of dressing. Men might be coming into a time of more vulnerability while women will be getting stronger. All of this will change the dynamic of how we relate to ourselves and each other.

    Welcome to a time of discovering our true inner selves.

    PS. I just watched the movie Barbie! Even though I was never a doll person and didn’t personally own a Barbie, the movie really spoke to me. I see this as a Barbie Movement and not just a Barbie movie. I think it will define a new phase in the strength of little girls and women. Somehow Barbie is all part of the Aries/Libra Nodal change. Aries is masculine and Libra is feminine. This movie defines gender in a new way. I really encourage everyone to watch this powerful movie and see how it relates to Astrology!


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