The Slap Heard Around the World

    Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars has caused a real stir and warrants looking into. For those who didn’t see it, this is what happened. On March 27, 2022, during the 94th Academy Awards, Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock, who was presenting the Oscar for the Best Documentary Feature. One of his jokes was about Will’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who shaved her head due to her diagnosis of alopecia areata, which causes hair loss. Chris said, “Jada, I love you – I can’t wait for GI Jane 2”. That of course referred to Demi Moore’s shaved-head character in the 1997 movie, GI Jane. Jada just rolled her eyes, but Will then quickly walked on stage and slapped Chris, who was stunned and said, “Wow, Will Smith just slapped the s*** out of me.” After returning to his seat, Will yelled profanities at Chris shouting “keep my wife’s name out of your f****** mouth.” Twice. Needless to say, the entire audience was more that shocked, but being a pro, Chris went on with the show and presented the award. Will Smith’s reputation will be changed forever because of this fateful event.

    An interesting thing is that Will and Jada did a little video before the Oscars when said they were going to “stir up some chaos.” Well, they sure achieved that goal.

    While some thought it was a prepared stunt, it seems not so since the Academy has issued Will’s punishment for the event. He is banned from the Oscars for the next 10 years and is no longer part of the Academy. To make it even stranger, right after “the slap,” Will won the Oscar for Best Actor for his role as the father of Venus and Serena Williams in the movie King Richard. The Academy is still deciding whether he needs to return his award.

    To add to the bizarre night, Will gave a very long, emotional, kind of crazy acceptance speech to a standing ovation. Here’s where I get confused. One minute he was standing on the stage assaulting Chris Rock and then ten minutes later he gave his speech highlighting him being victimized in the entertainment industry. Will said he was here to give pure love to the world…..right after he slapped a comedian? I don’t get it. I feel bad for all the young people who looked up to him, now that he has shown this side of himself.

    A couple of things stand out as so wrong with this scenario. Why did he get a standing ovation after he just broke a cardinal rule? Performers don’t attack performers. Where was the needed reaction by the Academy? Later the Academy stated, “The Academy does not condone violence in any form.” This all smells of hypocrisy to me. Many of the films now are incredibly violent and some are being funded by bodies such as the NRA and the Military Industrial Complex, to further the concept of war.

    Enough about this tragic incident, it’s now time to make some sense of it by using astrology. Will Smith has a very unusual chart, as you can see. I would call his geometry extreme. Will’s Sun is in Libra, with a Scorpio Moon and Cancer Rising Sign. His chart is bottom heavy with Saturn as the only planet above the horizon in his 10th house of career. The Sun in Libra refers to his creativity in the arts. He is multi-talented and has been in the industry since he was 18. He is an actor, rapper and film producer. Very Libra.

    His Libra Sun is at the very bottom of his chart and is joining the infamous South Node of karma. This is a terrible placement, especially at the very bottom of the chart, which indicates inner conflict. He also has four planets in the fastidious sign of Virgo, often seen in an organized, but controlling personality. This grouping actually shows his insecurities.

    His intense Scorpio Moon in his 5th house is made stronger because it’s joining Neptune, the planet of creativity or insecurity. He appears to have both. His Cancer Rising shows his connection with family. It is interesting that with his only Oscar he played a father.

    Looking at the angles in his chart, well, he only has one! I’ve done over 50,000 charts and I don’t think I’ve ever seen just one line, red or blue. Red, which he has, is more challenging since it represents the karmic learning of this lifetime. At the bottom, in his 4th house of family, he has Venus and Mercury both in Libra. Those show a sensitivity in relationships and family situations. The only red line in this chart goes up to Saturn in Aries in his 10th house of career. Saturn is the authority figure, which shows Will’s influence in the industry. In addition, the North Node of destiny has definitely helped his career. It’s a past life thing for him and so is the inner conflict at the bottom of the chart. Saturn in the aggressive sign of Aries can be mean at times, especially when his inner world is seemingly threatened. Now let’s look at the transits for the incident with this next chart.

    The planets in the sky now are in what I call a Pressure Cooker Situation. They are all in about three houses, which is very rare. I’ve circled the transits in his chart. The flashiest one is the Sun exactly on his 10th house cusp of occupation. That only happens one day a year, and this was the day, forever changing his career or status in the world. Mercury in assertive Aries opposed his Sun in Libra, creating a fire storm of communication. Also, the Jupiter and Neptune conjunction now is opposing his own Jupiter and Pluto. Two Jupiters are very prone knee jerk reactions, excess and out-of-control behavior.

    The last trigger was the South Node in Scorpio joining his Neptune and Moon in Scorpio in his 5th house. If the South Node is old karma, it brought to life his passionate Scorpio Moon with this terrible event. The South Node often comes with the ending of things. His career will forever be tarnished.


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