What's Up for Your Sign During Cancer


    Your birthday month always coincides with the Summer Solstice, which is the first day of the summer season. Also, Mercury enters your sign of Cancer on June 27th and will remain there until July 11th. This is a great time to reach out to your loved ones and tell them how much you care. Have a birthday party this year!


    Venus and Mars are traveling together now in your sign of Leo. This is a great time for you to celebrate your amazing life. Count your blessings and feel grateful for all you have and for all that you are attracting. Have a party, just to have a party and enjoy your friends. Make it a grand party!


    Mars will enter your sign of Virgo on July 11th and will remain there until August 28th. Mars will give you some extra physical energy, dear Virgo. If you are up for doing some construction or renovation on your home, now is your chance. Sports or exercise is favored.


    The Sun is in Cancer and Mars is joining Venus right now. Both of these alignments are benefitting your Libra Sun. This would be a good month for being with family and friends to hear some live music or go to theater. Be creative.


    There is a perfect triangle in the sky now between planets in water signs, including your watery Scorpio Sun. You will be more in touch with your deeper emotions than usual now. Take some private time for yourself to realize your inner beauty.


    Your Sagittarius Sun is aligning very nicely with both Mars and Venus, who are in the fire sign of Leo now. Sag is also a fire sign, so you will get their energy. Venus is about love and Mars has a strong power of attraction. You will shine brightly this month.


    The Full Moon will be in your sign of Capricorn on July 3rd. Take the weekend off in preparation for the July 4th holiday. Celebrate your Capricorn in grand style. Have a lovely picnic in nature with friends. Top it off with a Full Moon party.


    Venus and Mars are both in Leo, the opposite sign from your Aquarius Sun. They are both aligning nicely with you now to bring some exciting social interactions with your friends. Go out more often than you normally do and have big fun!


    The Sun is in the sign of Cancer now, which is another water sign, like your Pisces. It is connecting beautifully with your Pisces to bring you some special personal interactions with your loved ones. Visit the older members of your family, like grandparents or aunts and uncles. Bring them a little present, ideally that you made for them.


    Both Venus and Mars are in the fire sign of Leo now and are aligning well with your Aries Sun. You will feel more creative and active this month. Plan to be busy and therefore very productive. Also, have fun and laugh a lot….both Venus and Mars will encourage you to let loose. You are ready for that, dear Aries.


    During mid-July there are several planets in your sign of Taurus. Jupiter is in Taurus to expand your horizons this entire year, starting with this month. Try new experiences and be bold. Think Big!


    There are a few planets moving through your house of communications and writing. Get caught up on any correspondence. Better yet, are you ready to do some real writing? Gemini is the author of the Zodiac. Now is a good time to start.


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