What's Up for Your Sign During Gemini?


    Happy Birthday, dear Gemini. Not only will this be a good birthday month for you, but your planet, Mercury, is also entering Gemini. Mercury will be in your sign from June 12th – 27th. You will feel like being social, having fun and talking to cool people about cool ventures.


    Venus will still be in your sign of Cancer until June 6th. Squeeze every little bit of joy you can from Venus before she leaves your sign to not be there again for one year. Do fun activities that bring you joy with people you love.


    You are in for quite a month, dear Leo. Both Venus and Mars will be in your sign of Leo and for quite a while. Mars enters Leo May 21st to bring you extra energy, not that you need it. Venus will be doing a retrograde in Leo and will be there all the way from June 6th until October 9th. Blessings are coming your way.


    Mars and Venus are going through your 12th house now. That part of the chart is where your inner work is done. Listen to your intuition and trust your feelings. Try not to analyze too much but instead go with the flow. This is all about self-love.


    This is your time to take a look at your family history. Genealogy is favored now. Invite your siblings or cousins to join you as you go through old family photo albums and refresh your memories. It will stir up old thoughts and new realizations, stimulating precious dialogue.


    The South Node has been in Scorpio for the last 1 ½ years and will be leaving on July 18th. That is the point of Karmic issues and has assured that you have released plenty of old patterns recently. This is the push time to let go of the last remnants of anything you no longer need. Freedom is right around the corner.


    The Full Moon will be in Sagittarius on June 3rd. Have a little Full Moon party with your most free and wild friends. Yes, you can dance and even howl at the Moon. Have raucous fun, dear Sag. You need it.


    Dear Capricorn, you have had Pluto in your sign since January 2008 and he has just left to enter Aquarius, but not until he does a final retrograde back into Cap. Your last time with Pluto will be from June 12th – January 22, 2024. Pluto creates rebirth in your life after he takes things away. Plan for your rebirth, Cap.


    Pluto has just entered your sign of Aquarius, but he will be doing a last retrograde in Capricorn before he enters your sign again. You had a little taste of your new life and now are preparing for Pluto’s long stay in Aquarius. You are in limbo now until that starts. This is the planning phase.


    The second week in June will be your power time this month when you will have the Moon, Saturn and Neptune all in Pisces. Your creativity will soar to new heights then. Try something new to stimulate your imagination. Experimentation is in the air.


    You will feel inspired this month by the beautiful alignment of planets connecting with your Aries Sun. New projects will appear out of nowhere with very interesting people. Your mind will be running quite fast with a myriad of new ideas. Which ones do you want to start with?


    You have Mercury going through your sign of Taurus until June 12th. Mercury is the planet of communication, so make sure you are connecting with people in a deep way. Organize your office or at least your inbox.


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