What's Up for Your Sign During Sagittarius?


    Happy Birthday, dear Sagittarius. This will be a powerful time for you since Mars will be traveling with your Sun all month long. This is your time to be bold and brave. Try new adventures that you have never experienced before. Think big!


    Mercury enters your sign of Capricorn on December 2nd and won’t leave until February 5th. Why will Mercury be in your sign for so long? Because Mercury will be doing a retrograde from December 14th – January 1st. Use this time to make changes in your life. Release whatever no longer feels good in order to start fresh in 2024.


    Mid-December is your power time this month, dear Aquarius. You will feel social and will want to go to holiday parties this year. Be generous and bring goodies and fun food to the celebrations. This will be a good holiday season for you.


    The Moon will be in your sign of Pisces from December 17th – 20th. The Moon will join both Saturn and Neptune, also both in Pisces now. You will feel sensitive around the holidays, so treat yourself kindly. Give yourself a good present this year.


    The Moon will be in your sign of Aries and joining the North Node for the Winter Solstice on December 22nd. You will have plenty of positive energy for the holiday season this year. Make sure to celebrate in fine Aries style.


    This is a lucky time for you, dear Taurus. Both expansive Jupiter and exciting Uranus are in Taurus now. Jupiter will be in Taurus until May 2024. Now is your time to start new projects that could be remarkably successful. Pick the most lucrative ones and just smile as your dreams come true.


    The Full Moon is in Gemini on November 27th, which is the end of Thanksgiving weekend. Do something special for the holidays this year. Make sure you take people outside to see the Full Moon! You can brag about it being in your sign, dear Gemini!


    The end of November and the first few days in December are your power days this month. Make sure to spend some quality time with your best friends and family. You will be the one to pull everyone together this holiday season. Have a holiday party with comfort food.


    Your Leo Sun is being stimulated by the Sun going through another fire sign, namely Sagittarius. This is the perfect time to be adventurous and try something new for this holiday season. Be bold and your Leo will love it.


    Your Virgo Sun is now forming a perfect triangle with other planets in earth signs. The first week in December will be your strongest time this month. You will be able to accomplish all the holiday obligations and still feel balanced. Spend some time in nature this month.


    Venus will be traveling through your sign of Libra from November 8th until December 4th. What a perfect time to have Venus with you during the holidays! Get your shopping done early this year to synchronize with Venus. Also, art and music might be good presents this year, thanks to artistic Venus.


    This will be a powerful month for you, dear Scorpio. Mars will be in your sign from October 12th until November 24th. This is your time to move forward and be even stronger than you usually are. You will be in the mood to take charge and will do it easily.


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