What's Up for Your Sign During Scorpio


    This will be a powerful month for you, dear Scorpio. Mars will be in your sign from October 12th until November 24th. This is your time to move forward and be even bolder than you usually are. You will be in the mood to take charge and will do it easily.


    The planet Mercury will be moving through your sign of Sagittarius from November 10th until December 1st. This is your time to reach out to family and friends. What a perfect time during the holidays. Go to as many parties as you can fit into your busy schedule.


    There are still several planets in earth signs forming a perfect triangle in the sky now. Your Capricorn is an earth sign that is being supported by this positive geometry in the sky. Now is your time to focus on business, finance and your goals. You will feel confident in your decisions.


    The Full Moon on October 29th will fall into your 4th house of family this month. There will likely be some challenges between different loved ones late in October and early November. You will stay out of the middle of it so you can help everyone equally. Compassion is your vibration now.


    Your power dates this month are November 2nd – 4th when you will be ready for a quick change in your life. Don’t be surprised because it will happen fast and easily. Are you looking for a new start in your life? It’s here, dear Pisces.


    The North Node has moved into your sign of Aries and will be there for the next year and a half. That is the point of destiny and, if you are open to it, will bring you unusual opportunities. Which ones do you want to grab? There will probably be a few different choices.


    The Full Moon is in your sign of Taurus on October 29th. Jupiter and Uranus are right next to the Full Moon to bring exciting and unusual events. Be flexible but celebrate your Full Moon in grand style. It might be a last-minute decision. Choose what offers you the most freedom.


    A large grouping of planets is going through your 6th house of your body this month. Now is the best time to focus on exercise and nutrition. Maybe take a healthy cooking class. You might want to clean out your spice rack and freshen things up. It will inspire you to try new recipes.


    The first week in November is your power time this month. This would be the perfect time to throw a party for the holidays. Invite lively, talkative people to ensure a fun party. Have lots of food and make it a bit fancy.


    Early November could bring some surprising events into your life. You will likely get some big news that will rock your world, in a good way. Be flexible and ready for a quick, unexpected short trip. Have your bags packed, just in case.


    Venus is still in your sign of Virgo until November 8th, so squeeze in as many Venus experiences as you can. Give people hugs and tell them how much you care. Take some time to relax and have fun. Realize what a wonderful life you have created for yourself. Count your blessings.


    Venus will be traveling through your sign of Libra from November 8th until December 4th. What a perfect time to have Venus with you during the holidays. Get your shopping done early this year to synchronize with Venus. Also, art and music might be good presents this year, thanks to dear Venus.


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