Astrology During Gemini

    The Sun enters the sign of Gemini on May 20th at 6:01 a.m., Mountain Time. Gemini is an air sign and is associated with the planet Mercury. The curious Gemini mind has a passion for learning that never stops. Taking a class with a Gemini friend is always a treat. Typical Gemini occupations include being a journalist, teacher, author, information analyst, podcaster, public speaker, and illustrator. A short road trip is the perfect Gemini escape.

    The big April 8th Solar Eclipse is over and was quite eventful across the USA. The media coverage was unlike any other since the path of totality went through 15 states. What made the Eclipse so special to me was the overall configuration of the solar system. The planets were in an extremely tight cluster during the Eclipse.

    Even though the Eclipse season is over, the planets are still crowded together in a very tight grouping. The major news is that they will be in a tight bunch for the next couple of months. The fast-moving planets will be heading forward, but the slow guys are going to be close for a while. The spring of 2024 will be a turning point for us all because of this huge, unusual cluster of planets. Intensity is the feeling in the air. It’s like a pressure cooker that is cooking something new. Luckily, Venus will be traveling with the Sun this entire month, so we’ll have an inner peace during this unusual time.

    The most important event happening this month is Jupiter entering Gemini. Jupiter will be in Gemini from May 25th until June 10th, 2025. Jupiter is here to bring expansion. Gemini represents the mind and learning power. This will be a phase of looking at the world in a new way. This is so important that I’m writing an entire article named “Jupiter Enters Gemini” for this newsletter.

    The visible planets are a bit odd now. Why? Because this large cluster of planets is around the Sun at this time, the light of the Sun is blocking them from view. For the lucky ones who saw the April 8th Solar Eclipse, you could also see Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Mars. That made this Eclipse even more special. It will take a while for the Sun to separate from those planets so that they can be seen in the morning or evening sky. For now, Mars and Saturn can be seen in the predawn sky. No planets can be seen in the evening sky. Jupiter has finally been lost to the glow of the Sun. Venus will be emerging as the evening “star” quite soon.


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