Astrology of the Pandemic

    What is the ONLY news in the paper? The never-ending Pandemic. I thought this would be a good time to look at the astrology relating to this phase in history. A good friend of mine told me, “If you couldn’t see this in astrology, I’d be scared. But since you can, I know it’s all meant to be.” Of course, she’s right, so let’s take a deep look at what the planets say.

    We have to start way back with the Capricorn Party. I should have named it the Capricorn Fiasco. Since about 2016, I’ve been studying this infamous trio of planets. Why? Because this conjunction was so rare and prone to catastrophe. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all joined in Capricorn for most of the year of 2020. Pluto’s orbit is 248 years; Saturn’s orbit is 30 years; Jupiter’s orbit is 12 years. Pluto’s job is death and rebirth. Saturn’s job is about money and business and Jupiter just turns up the volume to make it more extreme.

    These three planets were triggered off when Mars joined them. What was that date? March 16, 2020. That is the day that the entire world was put on lockdown, for the very first time in the history of humanity. Many borders are still closed and lockdowns have not stopped since then. This has been the biggest financial disaster the world has ever seen with an unprecedented number of failed businesses creating rampant homelessness. Yes, this triple threat started things off, but other planetary patterns are helping it continue.

    In addition to this brutal Capricorn grouping, we also need to look at Neptune.  The healer of the planets, Neptune also deals with the opposite, which is illness, or yes, a pandemic. Neptune happens to be in its own sign of Pisces now, which makes this theme much stronger. Neptune entered Pisces on February 2012 and will remain there until January 2026. This is the time for humanity to figure out new forms of health and healing using Neptune as a guide. With Neptune’s orbit of 165 years, being in Pisces only happens once in all that time. Now is that time.

    The major planetary alignment of the year of 2021 is quite significant too. This entire year we have had Saturn square Uranus. Stodgy old Saturn’s job is to maintain the status quo and make rules and regulations. The new Saturn word is mandates. On the other hand, the job of Uranus, the Rebel, is to protect personal rights and create a new future. To make it even stronger, Saturn did a retrograde and therefore squared Uranus three times. The first was February 17th, then the retrograde occurred on June 14th with the last direct happening on December 24th. There is a definite split in ideologies in society now. Some people are focused on making more rules to limit personal freedoms, acting out Saturn. Others are rebelling against rules and mandates to honor their constitutional human rights or medical sovereignty . It seems to be black and white with not many grey areas. This has obviously been politicized, creating even more of a passionate split.

    These two planets, Saturn and Uranus, are at opposite ends of the spectrum and basically don’t understand each other. Saturn is conservative and wants to maintain the old, while Uranus is here to radically create the future. So how will they ever get along? They could do a teeter totter and trade off power. But the ideal is for them to meet in the middle through cooperation and compromise. It’s not an easy collaboration, but somehow necessary. We probably won’t see their mutual respect for each other until after the last of these three squares, or until next year. Could Saturn implement a structure that Uranus will agree upon? We’ll have to wait and see.

    Now let’s combine all these unusual planetary alignments. Even though the Capricorn Party is officially over, Pluto is still in Capricorn until 2023, so the long-term effects are still here. The best of the Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn is to establish a new global economy and equity for everyone. That hasn’t happened yet, but hopefully it is in the works.

    Neptune in Pisces is here to bring heightened awareness to health and wellness, albeit through a pandemic, but none the less, a new understanding of our powerful immune system. Or will we bypass our immune system using new gene therapy vaccines? Maybe both.

    Saturn square Uranus is the pair who will create a new global society. Many people have become entrepreneurs due to their jobs ending. Zoom and computers have taken the place of business meetings, easing travel demands. Hybrid learning in schools might be the way of the future.

    Not many situations affect the entire world, but this pandemic as well as global warming don’t observe borders. The Earth has become a smaller place with our shared challenges, which is probably a good thing.

    As my friend says, if I can see it in astrology, it’s meant to be. We are living in interesting times and would you want to miss this? No! This is the beginning of the Aquarian Age, folks, which won’t start with a whimper, but with a roar.


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