Jupiters Enters Gemini!

    We’re entering a new phase, a Gemini phase. Yes, the Sun enters Gemini each year around May 20th, but Jupiter only transits through Gemini once every 12 years. They are both there now and are having a very lively Gemini party.

    Jupiter will enter the sign of Gemini on May 25th and will remain there until June 10th, 2025. When a slower-moving planet enters a new sign, it usually makes a grand entrance with an entourage. Jupiter’s entourage includes none other than the Sun and Venus. Venus makes an ingress, or enters, Gemini on May 23rd, which is only two days before Jupiter enters Gemini.

    In ancient astrology Jupiter and Venus were called the Great Benefics or the most beneficial planets. They bring good energy when they’re together. Their combo will definitely bless this Gemini phase.

    Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance, joy and travel, as well as higher learning. A quest for knowledge is the foundation of Jupiter’s profile. All that is so compatible with curious Gemini, the sign of education. This year will be full of opportunities to learn. We will almost see the world with new eyes. This is absolutely the year to take a class, write a book, buy a computer or learn a new language. Since this only happens once every 12 years, be bold in your quest for learning new things. If your dream is to travel abroad – do it this year!

    Jupiter will be doing a retrograde in Gemini from October 10th, 2024 until February 2nd, 2025. Retrogrades are always good times to rethink what you are doing and then change what doesn’t work. It’s the necessary editing phase. Another important date will be when Mars conjuncts, or joins, Jupiter on August 14, 2024. Often that is a key date to move forward with your goals. Plan for powerful events around mid-August.

    Looking at the bigger picture, Jupiter is just opening the door to a much longer and more important Gemini phase. The slower-moving planet Uranus will be entering Gemini on July 7, 2025 and will remain there until May 23, 2033! Uranus enters Gemini only one month after Jupiter leaves Gemini.

    The significant difference is that Jupiter is in Gemini for only one year, while Uranus will be in Gemini for eight years. Jupiter brings growth and a joy of learning. Uranus brings the future and changes the old ways of doing things. Artificial intelligence, AI, is an obvious technology that is already being used in the world. It will become common in everyday life.

    Have you noticed the new AI feature from Google to help write your emails? Its name is Gemini. They sure did an excellent job at naming it.

    Now let’s look at the amazing chart for when Jupiter enters Gemini. You can see the Gemini grouping of planets down in the 3rd house. Obviously, the main feature of this chart is the dominant blue highway, or trines, from the Gemini party to Pluto in Aquarius up in the 11th house. To review, here is my article called Pluto Enters Aquarius. https://www.susiecox.com/blog/pluto-enters-aquarius

    With an orbit of 248 years, Pluto will be in Aquarius all the way until 2044! We are ending a more conservative, controlling phase of Pluto in Capricorn to enter a revolutionary phase of Pluto in Aquarius. This is the beginning of the Aquarian Age, folks.

    Blue lines, or trines, show an ease of working together for the two groups of planets. The Gemini excitement of learning will fuel new Aquarian thoughts for society. It will begin with individuals thinking more for themselves and will morph into groups of people working together. Communication will be easier and more effective. People will be aligning with groups of like-minded people.

    All this looks wonderful, but it’s only the very beginning. Right after Jupiter leaves Gemini -- Uranus enters Gemini on July 7, 2025. At that time, Uranus forms a positive blue line, or trine, to Pluto. Since they are both slow-moving planets (Pluto 248 yr. and Uranus 84 yr. orbits), they will travel in a trine angle with each other for quite a long time. Uranus will trine Pluto from July 25, 2025 all the way until August 25, 2028! That will be three entire years for the futuristic concepts of Uranus in Gemini to work well with the transformative Pluto in Aquarius. When this gets closer, I’ll be writing an entire article on it.

    Astrology looks at the big picture so well and shows us that we are in for quite an intellectual roller coaster ride. What is the truth? Are your beliefs changing? This will be the year to be in your head and come up with brilliant ideas. Jupiter will be so happy.


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