The Bizarre April 8th Solar Eclipse

    It’s been so much fun writing about Taylor Swift and Cher, but it’s time to get down to some more serious astrology now. In all my years of being an astrologer, I’ve never seen a chart like this Solar Eclipse before. How many planets can you have in the sign of Aries? 

    There are three important astrological events occurring in 2024. The first one is the very unusual Solar Eclipse on April 8th. The second astrological event is the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction on April 21st. The third and maybe the most important is Pluto’s final ingress into Aquarius on November 20th, 2024. This article will focus on the Solar Eclipse. Next month I’ll write about the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. Here is the article I’ve already written about Pluto entering Aquarius. https://www.susiecox.com/blog/pluto-enters-aquarius

    There will be a total Eclipse of the Sun on April 8, 2024 at 11:20 am, MST. Looking at the map, the path of totality enters the United States in Del Rio, Texas and exits through Maine. It will pass through large cities like San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Little Rock, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Buffalo and Syracuse. If you get a chance to travel and see a total Eclipse, please do. It's a rare sight and is incredibly memorable. You will need protection for your eyes until it’s total. Yes, you can get those little cardboard glasses, but the best thing is to get welder’s goggles. That way you can relax and enjoy watching the entire Eclipse and look way cooler too. It will only be total for a few minutes, but the entire Eclipse will last a few hours. You want to be comfortable. 

    A Solar Eclipse always occurs on a New Moon versus a Lunar Eclipse that happens on a Full Moon. In addition, the Moon’s Nodes need to be close to the Sun and Moon to have an Eclipse. The Moon’s Nodes are the intersecting points between the orbit of the Sun and the Moon. There are two Eclipse seasons for one year, and they are six months apart. There will be a Solar Eclipse and then two weeks either before or after will be a Lunar Eclipse. Two weeks before this April 8th Solar Eclipse will be a Lunar Eclipse on March 25th which will only be visible in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

    When I calculated the Eclipse chart, I used a zero Aries rising so I didn’t have to deal with rising signs. The Eclipse occurs at 19 degrees Aries, so if this is close to your birthday, you are in for a major change in your life. Eclipse energy is like a huge Mercury retrograde that happens in one day and not over a three-week period.

    Why is this chart bizarre? Except for Pluto, all the planets are within two houses. All of them. This is a very unusual configuration with seven empty houses. Most the focus is on Aries. The only angle is the one measly opposition from the Sun and Moon to the poor, lonely South Node in Libra. The sign of Libra loves social interaction, and this just seems sad for the South Node. None of the other planets are spread out enough to form any squares or trines. Except for the fast-moving Moon, the other planets will be close like this through April, May and June.

    Looking at the chart, there are four planets in Aries, which are Venus, Moon, Sun and Mercury. The North Node is also in Aries, creating the Eclipse. Aries is the pioneer of the Zodiac and starts the first day of Spring each year. Aries is associated with none other than the warrior planet, Mars. Aries is a fire sign and their color is red. Hot and fast.

    Everyone will feel an extra dose of energy, like you drank three cups of strong Turkish coffee but haven’t had any coffee yet. If you are using all this Aries in a positive way, you will move forward with more strength than you have felt in a long time. You will want to open new doors and be fearless in how fast you accomplish new projects. Positive Aries keywords include alertness, self-confidence, intentions, personal interests, free will and anticipation. If you are in the mood to start an exercise regime, this is your time. Also, you can use this Aries energy to clean out your storage and either toss things or archive them. Clear your space both mentally and physically.

    If this wild Aries energy is used in a negative style, stress and anxiety will be the result. Tempers will be at a fever pitch, so count to ten before you react to anything. Negative Aries keywords include anger, impatience, extreme restlessness, angst, selfishness, harshness, meanness, insistence and bullying.

    In addition to the dominant Aries grouping of planets, there are a couple of conjunctions occurring at the same time. In the 12th house, Mars and Saturn are joining in Pisces. The positive part of these planets is healing and the protection of the vulnerable. It is an extremely sensitive combination. The positive part is helping others. The negative side is sadness and fear.

    Below the Aries party is the infamous Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. Each year there is a main planetary alignment that dominates the year. Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions plays that role in 2024. This conjunction is so important that I’m writing an entire article on it for my next newsletter.

    Uranus is the rebel of the Zodiac, and Jupiter makes everything bigger. It is an extreme combination of planets. The job of Uranus is to break old patterns and move society abruptly into the future. Jupiter’s job is to involve a lot of people and make it bigger. I’ve named this conjunction “We the People.” How is this showing up in the world now? It is obvious to see with the strikes and attempts at unionization happening now. These planets will trigger demonstrations and even revolution.

    The positive side of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction is everyone finding their voice and using it! Uranus wants to move society forward, and Jupiter gives it an enthusiastic push. Keywords for this group of planets when used in a positive way include individuality, freedom, excitement, civic-mindedness, collectives and philanthropy. The negative keywords would include revolution, religious fanaticism, extremism, international unrest, lies, detachment and manipulation.

    My logo is Positive Astrology, so I have to look at all astrology in a positive way. I do believe that everything that happens is meant to happen, even if we don’t understand it at the time. Astrology is perfect. We just need to know how to read it to help us instead of making us fearful, even this uncanny April 8th bizarre Solar Eclipse. So, what is the purpose of this Eclipse for humanity?

    This is a wake-up call for society to come together as a world family and together create a more positive future for the world. This change might start with a crisis but will ultimately mark the turning point in history for a new world to emerge. This will happen in each person’s heart, as well as the collective. It’s a call for us each to speak our minds and be our most authentic self. If we all change, the world will follow.


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