What's Up for Your Sign During Leo?


    Happy Birthday, Leo. Venus will be turning retrograde on July 23rd and won’t turn direct until September 3rd. All of this is in your sign of Leo. Retrogrades are the perfect times to rethink and regroup things that are bothering you. Venus relates to art, music and yes, love. You will get what you want in all those areas, dear Leo.


    Mars is fully in your sign of Virgo now and will remain there until August 27th. This is your time to organize anything that is out of place. Mars is the planet of action and is only in Virgo once every 2 years, so make the most of it while it’s there. Make a Virgo To-Do-List and check it off, item by item.


    Venus is turning retrograde now until September. Venus is your planet and relates to art, beauty and love. You are the romantic of the Zodiac and now is your time to speak up if you aren’t getting what you need in your love life. Be bold, dear Libra.


    Your power time this month is the last few days of July. The Moon will be going through your sign of Scorpio to give you even more power. Even though Venus is doing a retrograde in Leo, you can feel it too. Make any changes to your surroundings that are needed. Also, look at your relationships and see what needs to be adjusted there too.


    Venus is currently doing a retrograde in your house of philosophy. You are likely seeing things in a new way now. It’s like seeing your life from a new perspective. Be open to innovative ideas and new opportunities.


    There is a beautiful triangle in the sky now between planets in earth signs, just like your Capricorn Sun. The end of this month and the beginning of next month is the time to accomplish a lot. Put it on your schedule to focus that during that time and you will be amazed at how things will fall into place.


    The Full Moon will be in your sign of Aquarius on August 1st. Jupiter is involved, which will increase the energy and make it even more fun. Throw an Aquarius Full Moon party and kick it up a notch!


    Saturn has just entered your sign of Pisces recently and will be there for a couple of years to come. You are in a new phase in your life, dear Pisces. You will likely feel more psychic, spiritual and artistic soon. Saturn is the planet of business and might be talking to you about doing more of a creative occupation. You know you are ready.


    The North Node has just entered your sign of Aries recently and will be there for the next 1 ½ years. This is the point in the solar system that relates to our past lives or repeated patterns in life. This is the time to look at your routines and change whatever is no longer working for you.


    Both abundant Jupiter and exciting Uranus are in your sign of Taurus this year. Now is one of the best times to expand your horizons and try new things. There will be unusual opportunities that will be presented to you. Be ready for them!


    In mid-August, your Gemini Sun is aligning with both Mars and Mercury. They will give you a boost of inspiration and move you forward with some new projects. It might happen suddenly, so don’t be surprised.


    There are exciting planets moving through your house of friendships. You can likely expect some people to move or be preoccupied with their lives. Be flexible with your schedule around them. Don’t take anything personally.


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