Pluto Squares the Nodes

    Pluto is the planet to pay attention to now. He’s moving into Aquarius as I wrote about for my last newsletter, but there’s more. As Pluto enters Aquarius, he will square the Moon’s Nodes at the same time. The Nodes are changing signs too, so they will all line up together as they all make their ingresses into new signs. I don’t usually spend much time looking at a square to Pluto, but this one lasts for an exceptionally long time. Pluto will be square, or red lines, to the Nodal Axis from March 22nd all the way until November 30th. That’s a full eight months and it’s the planetary alignment that dominates the astrological landscape for the entire year of 2023.

    If you haven’t read my last article on Pluto entering Aquarius, please do so. https://susiecox.com/blog/pluto-enters-aquarius But let’s get to know Pluto again. Pluto is the furthest and therefore the slowest planet in our solar system with an orbit of 248 years. Associated with the sign of Scorpio, he’s the most intense planet of them all. Pluto is involved with major transformations when it connects with each chart of an individual. Changes like moving, marriage, divorce and yes, death. Pluto is named the planet of Death and Rebirth. Thank goodness for the rebirth part, which is life changing and profound. At first it seems that things are being taken away, but then you realize that they are being replaced with better patterns than before. The letting go is never easy, but it’s soothed by the rewards at the end of the transit. 

    The Moon’s Nodes are two points that form a plane in space. Their orbit is 18.6 years, and they always move in retrograde motion. When the Sun and Moon line up with the Nodes, there is an Eclipse. A New Moon will be a Solar Eclipse and the Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse. That’s what the Nodes are physically. Metaphysically, they explain our past life themes that are carried over to this lifetime.

    Another interpretation of the Nodes relate to the collective of society. It’s like we are all going through a phase when the Nodes move into new signs. The Moon’s Nodes are changing from being in Taurus/Scorpio to Aries/Libra. This will bring a new era to the world. Taurus and Scorpio were about money. Aries and Libra are about relationships.

    On March 22nd, when they begin the square and connect with each other, Pluto will have just entered Aquarius. So, the change is already beginning. Pluto entering Aquarius will announce a new phase for the entire world, especially after the heavy time that was brought while Pluto was in Capricorn from 2008 until now. The Pluto in Capricorn phase started with the global financial crisis in 2008 that started in the United States because of the collapse of the U.S. housing market. Pluto was important in the pandemic, being the main planet in the Capricorn party with Saturn and Jupiter. So that phase started and ended with the world in crisis.

    Pluto in Aquarius will be an entirely different style. Aquarius is all about freedom and power through community. The Capricorn ruling by hierarchy is over. Ruling will be done by consensus and not by mandates. Pluto will be in Aquarius all the way until 2044 and will actually be the very beginning of the Aquarian Age! This New Age will begin with an international revolution defending freedom against authoritative control. Is that dictators? Is that the technocrats? Probably all the above and more.

    Now let’s connect the Moon’s Nodes with Pluto! If Pluto in Aquarius is starting the New Age, the Nodes will ensure that society is listening. Most of this year will be spent ending old patterns in humanity to begin a fresh and clean start. Since both Pluto and the Nodes are changing signs at the same time as they connect with each other, it makes the angle much, much stronger. When a planet enters a new sign and is at zero degrees, it’s like the planet is flinging open the door and walking in boldly. Once the planet is in the middle of the sign, it’s used to the new energy and is not as big of a deal. The lineup between Pluto and the Nodes occur very close to zero degrees. 

    Here is another wild chart during this Pluto Square the Nodes phase. This chart is for May 18th, 2023, when Jupiter will be joining the Nodes during this big square to Pluto. Jupiter always makes things bigger and more dramatic, so May will be a month to watch. Very likely startling events will occur during this time. 

    When there is an important event happening, all the planets get to the same place at the same time! They are working together to bring in this new world. It’s very important that it will take almost an entire year to be complete. This is the year of transition, folks! Make as many huge changes as possible in your life and do it this year!


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