The Neptune Tease

    Neptune is the planet of maya or illusion and will soon be changing signs from Pisces to Aries. This will be a key component in the next phase of growth for humanity. Although Neptune won’t enter Aries for a while, this is a suitable time to prepare for this rare ingress.

    Neptune is associated with the water sign of Pisces. They are both involved with altered states of consciousness, including meditation, prayer, healing and spirituality. It is the psychic planet. Neptune is one of the slowest planets in the solar system and has an orbit of 165 years. Pluto is the only planet who is slower with an orbit of 248 years.

    Neptune entered its own sign of Pisces in May 2011 and won’t leave Pisces to enter Aries fully until January 2026. Even though that is 1 ½ years from now, Neptune retrogrades back into Pisces before staying in Aries completely. Neptune enters Aries in March 2025, then retrogrades back into Pisces in October 2025 and will finally re-enters Aries in January 2026. Once Neptune enters Aries, it will remain there all the way until March 2039!

    Why did I name this article The Neptune Tease? There are 30 degrees in each sign and Neptune retrogrades in Pisces when he’s at 29 degrees 55 minutes! The sign of Aries starts at 29 degrees 59 minutes. So, Neptune is knocking at the door of Aries but retreats back into Pisces and doesn’t enter Aries for over a year from now. Neptune is just teasing us now and is holding back the main event until it’s time for Aries.

    Before we look at the future of Neptune in Aries, let’s look at what happened when Neptune was in Aries before.


    Dates of Neptune in Aries in the Past


    May 1533 – October 1547

    1533 The Spanish conquistadors captured the Inca capital of Cuzco, high in the Andes.

    1534  After Luther Martin Luther protested, England broke away from the rule of the Catholic Church and became a Protestant country. This was the Protestant Reformation.

    1543 Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus published a book stating that the Earth orbits the Sun. 

    *Doing my research, I realized that Pluto was in the sign of Aquarius then, just like it is now. Pluto was in Aquarius from 1532 – 1553. Neptune was in Aries from 1533 – 1547. Their dates overlap each other, just like they are doing now. You might want to read what I wrote about Pluto entering Aquarius.


    *The midcentury of the 1500s was a definite turning point in history. The Catholic Church was starting to lose its power with demanding incorrectly that the Earth was the center of the Universe. Neptune is associated with religion. Aries creates a new beginning and religion has never been the same since that time. Pluto in Aquarius likes freedom, so both Neptune and Pluto worked together to free society from religious dogma that had controlled humanity for millennia. Somehow this is a preview of what will be happening in the next 20 years.


    May 1697 – February 1712

    1690s Holland and England produced the magnificent ocean-going merchant vessels knows as East Indiamen.

    1709   Alexander Selkirk, the inspiration for Robinson Crusoe, is discovered on a Pacific island where he survived alone for nearly five years.

    1710   Thomas Newcomen created a piston steam engine, with the steam condensed in the cylinder by a jet of chilly water.

    *Neptune in Aries strengthened the use of water with merchant ships as well as steam engines.


    April 1861 – April 1875

    1861  Hungarian physician Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis published his discovery that deaths from puerperal fever can be drastically reduced by washing hands regularly.

    1862  Louis Pasteur developed the process known as pasteurization.

    1866  Recovering from a severe injury, Mary Baker Eddy was convinced that healing is spiritually based and she founded Christian Science.

    1875  Madame Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society introducing mysticism.

    *Neptune in Aries started metaphysical organizations that are still strong today. Neptune is involved with healing, consciousness and psychic awareness.


    The years from 1861 – 1877 are known as Civil War and Reconstruction.

    1861 - 1865  The United States grew in population and regional tensions emerged, especially over slavery, which lead to the Civil War.

    1865 – 1877  These years were called Reconstruction. Following the Civil War was a phase of reintegrating the Southern states from the Confederacy with 4 million newly-freed slaves into the United States.

    1862  President Abraham Lincoln declared in his Emancipation Proclamation that all slaves ‘are and henceforward shall be free.’

    1865  The Thirteenth Amendment to the US Constitution prohibits slavery or any ‘involuntary servitude’ in the USA.

    1865  Lincoln visits the Confederate capital of Richmond and was greeted by a cheering crowd of freed black slaves.

    1865  On a visit to a Washington theater, Lincoln was assassinated in his box by John Wilkes Booth.

    *Even though there were some spiritual phases that began during these years, it was also one of the roughest times the United States has ever experienced.

    So, what can we expect from this rare alignment?

    Neptune is associated with spirituality, imagination, religion, art, music, inspiration and compassion. Neptune is the healer, psychic, mystic, dreamer and the intuitive part of us all. All the planets have a challenging side and Neptune’s shadow deals with illusion, delusion, addictions, fears, psychological confusion and self-deception. There is a brain fog with the challenge side of Neptune.

    Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and starts with the Spring Equinox each year. It is a primal force of nature with a warrior spirit embedded into the Aries DNA. Aries is the pioneer and symbolizes new beginnings, boldness and courage. Aries is all about ME and is associated with Mars, the planet of war.

    Neptune and Aries are not at all similar energies. Could Neptune calm down the aggression of Aries? Or could Aries inspire Neptune to be stronger? There will be a blending of hot and cool with these two distinctive styles.

    On the positive side, Neptune’s connection with spirituality combined with the drive of Aries will bring spiritual activism to society. We will see pioneers of new consciousness which will likely be proven by science. Breakthroughs will occur with healing, meditation, religion and belief systems in general. New discoveries in science and technology will change how we see the human body. Everyone will be thinking more independently and will want to move forward to work with like-minded groups of people.

    Neptune in Aries will bring visionary pioneers with progressive ideas. This will lead to social change, idealistic revolutions around truth, medicine and religion. Neptune is about the oceans and this phase will bring new innovations on how to clean water. Climate Change will become more important, especially concerning the oceans.

    There will be a heightened interest in mental health issues. Neptune in Aries will likely bring sociopolitical uprising inspired by a new spiritual understanding. Ideally, this will create a global common ground of wisdom.

    On the more challenging side of Neptune in Aries, we will see systems and structures dissolve. There will likely be a loss of faith in leadership with scandals emerging and corruption easily revealed. Religious wars are likely. People could become more addicted to escapism with new forms of drugs and alcohol. (I recently learned about alcohol gummies). Gaming, social media addictions and virtual reality will be common. Neptune is drugs and Saturn is business. Will Big Pharma and insurance companies try to take over the world?

    How will we tell what is real and what is fake with AI? Artificial Intelligence will blur the lines between truth vs lies…between reality vs fantasy….between the known vs the unknown. 


    But there’s more…

    To make this even more rare, Saturn is joining Neptune and they walk into Aries holding hands. These are both slow-moving planets and only conjunct each other every 36.4 years. Saturn has an orbit of 29 years and Neptune’s orbit is 165 years. This time when they join -- they are both at zero degrees Aries at exactly the same time. What do you know, the Moon is at zero Aries with them. Quite the chart!

    Saturn likes rules and regulations and could place restrictions on Neptune's alternative healing techniques and supplements. More structure will be implemented regarding mental health issues. 

    Saturn will have a somber effect on floaty Neptune. Saturn is rooted in reality and Neptune is always in dreamland. The harsh real world could come crashing down for Neptune. It might be a hard reboot for society. This could bring a sobering feeling of the collective, like a social malaise for no reason. The Aries fire energy will bring anxiety to the mix. Remember, when planets enter a sign, it is like flinging open a door and making a loud announcement. Both Neptune and Saturn will be announcing their entrance into Aries, at the same time, with loud voices!

    Even though Aries is anxious, it is also the sign of bravery and courage. Saturn might want to impose endless rules on society, but Aries is not having it. People will be standing tall and having strong voices, especially against being controlled by authority figures.

    The past era when Neptune was in Aries that was the most similar to now was the phase when Pluto was in Aquarius, mimicking now. That was from 1533 - 1547 when both Neptune and Pluto freed society from the  religious dogma and incorrect science demanded by the Catholic Church. This next twenty years will be similar, in that society will free itself from intrenched beliefs that have dominated individual freedoms. It will be dramatic, folks. The birth of a new age is never an easy transition.

    The ideal would be for humanity to have its feet on the ground with its head in the clouds -- and walk forward with conviction.

    Welcome to the New Saturn Neptune World.


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